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December 17th, 2010
by admin

In order to be a good angler we all need to know a little bit about our fish of choice. This section will help identify what types of Salmon are out there and where they can be found. This means also identify which type will be found in freshwater and/or saltwater.

Click on the type of Salmon you want to read more about:

Atlantic Salmon:

Atlantic Salmon

North Pacific Salmon:

Chinook Salmon (King, Tyee, Springer, Quannat)

Coho Salmon (Silver, Silverado)

Sockeye Salmon (Redfish, Red, Blueback)

Pink Salmon (Humpy, Humpback)

Chum Salmon (Dog, Calico)

Asian Salmon:

Cherry Salmon (Sakuramasu, Sima)

Danube Basin:

Huchen (Danube Salmon, Hucho Hucho)

Trout in the Salmon Family:

Steelhead Salmon (Rainbow Trout, Salmon Trout)

Cutthroat Trout (Coastal, Sea-Run, Westslope, Lahontan)

Other Related Species:

Eastern Australian Salmon (Australian, Blackbacked, Colonial, Bay Trout, Cocky, Australasian Salmon, Kahawai)

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